Since the 100MRWTBR page has about 109,i made 10 more to make about 119!

1:Watch Ben 10

Its an awesome show!

2:Macaulay Culkin Day

Celebrate it!

3:Go to

It's a site!A video site!

4:Play Sonic 4

It's a epic game!

5:Create a Sonic Fan Character!

You can make it whatever you want to be like a hedgehog,echidna or fox!You can even draw a picture of him/her and create an article on the character here!

6:Believe in Sonic the Hedgehog!

Tell "Sonic the Hedgehog DOES exist!" to everyone!

7:Tell "NO!" to the teacher at school!

You'll deserve to refuse to do work.

8:See scary logos without screaming!

You're brave!PLEASE do it!

9:Watch music on youtube!

ONLY video game music!

10:Create a youtube video!

I know you want to do it.

Let's start a gallery!

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