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Cole Hamels

Cole Hamels is a starter for the Phillies. Zach Duke is a starter for the Pirates. So, they just happen to face each other. In the 7th inning, Duke hits Hamels with a 92 mph fastball. In the next inning, Hamels throws a curve and hits Pirates catcher Erik Kratz. In the 9th inning, Duke confronts Hamels, saying "I don't even want to COEXIST with you!" Then Random Guy comes in and happens to be the GM of the Pirates so he cuts Duke. Thus ends the random baseball story. But then Cole falls from the sky and is like "Hey I'm alive!" but then Zach lands on him. Then a bomb goes off and they all explode. Now, the baseball story ends for real. Fried chicken! there is also another random story but the creater is eating pie so it will take a while until it's created but i'm sure there are other random storys.

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 4.15.06 PM Do you have troll fat? We need 500 grams.

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