One day there was a tornado in Danville. Ferb ran and threw a giant replica of a bomb at it that he made "just in case" and the tornado exploded. Meanwhile, at the (Tri-)State (Area) fair, there was an attraction featuring the "Space Aliens" and one with the "Penguin-Man". The space aliens were Meap and Garbog fighting Mitch, and the Penguin-Man was Doofenshmirtz in his suit from "Bowl-R-Ama Drama". Then, Doof blew up but Perry saved him but dropped him accidentally on a giant spiky cheeseburger named Wilfredo, so he fires Norm and then re-hires him 4 seconds later because he learned about the aglet from Goldfish Darkskull.

The End

Goldfish Darkskull (C) AgentGoldfish

Story and Wilfredo (C) AgentP

Other Characters (C) Disney

Sponsored by: Name that Annoyance!, a poll by AgentP aka Wakko Warner.

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