Achoos Achoos Achoos

They are too dumb for you

You won't like 'em I swear

They don't have any hair

Pizzabox Piggies

Pizzabox Piggies are getting ready for summer! They will put slop on the beach. They are no fun.

Buck and the Big Sky High Thing

Here are some reviews for a movie you'll surely hate!


"We don't like this movie"

"It's bad in other planets!"

With this offer comes *drumdrool* a TOILET! (Toilet sold separately)


Frysol is a wonderful thing that makes your house have 99.9% germiness. It also Fries your chicken when you want to bake it.

Grad hatThis page is a random-ology page. It can help you become a random-ologist because it helps you learn to hitch hack a real commercial and replace it with one of these.

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