Andrew is a red echidna who looks like a Sonic character.He is eight.He is NO WAY related to Sonic.His hideout is a red TV-like device.

His REAL hideout

His actual hideout is his room.There's a lot of posters in his room.There is a TV.There is also a computer.His room's nickname is "Random Fried Chicken Shack".

Sawyer's Revenge

"I HATE YOU!" Sawyer said.Andrew kicked Sawyer with his shoes.Sawyer punched Andrew with his PowerGloves.Andrew did both Kick and Punch Sawyer.He did both Kick and Punch Sawyer over Nine-Thousnad Times!Sawyer was defeated.

Race Against Time

Andrew was in a race against time.The timer was set for 1 mins.The race's goal was to go to the finish line before the time ran out.It's start line was at the super market.The Almost there! line was at the library.The Almost there,but not there yet . line was at the fiery pit of FRIED CHICKEN!!!!!!!The finish line was at the cafe.It was 0:57,He was at the at the Start LINE.It was 0:52,He was at the Almost There! line.It was 0:41,He was at the Almost there,but not there yet. line.It was 0:10,He was at the finish line.He was 1st Place.

The End of the day and School Day!

It was the end of the day.He slept.He woke up.It was his time for school.He went to school.They did math,reading,writing,block,recess,then went home.

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