Angry Words

The official poster for the game

Angry Words is a game where its a battle against all the words against the dark green words.Parodied off of Angry Birds for the mobile phone.




Blue-Splits into 3 words

Yellow-The fast word

Black-Blows up

White-Produces white words that say eggs(they are bombs)

Light Green-The boomerang word.

Orange-Puffs Up

Ter-Red-A bigger version of the red word


Green Word-The Enemy


Elder Swear-Clears level in 1 use

Dr. Doofenshmirtz-Super Duperist Character(Extra Strength)

Mack and Cheese - PASTA summons Mack from Cars to run over the "Green"s

Nyan Cat-Faster Than Yellow Word

Light Blue Word-Freezes anything on Contact

The Elder Swear - Blows Level Up


Normal-Game plays normally

Random-ness-Words have random powers(You never know what's gonna happen)

Mack-The words act like Mack(see "Angry Curds")

Space-All Words Have The Same Ability's As In "Angry Words Space"


Go on "Cheat Codes" in the main menu and enter these-

SOUP-Unlocks ability to buy The Elder Swear

INATOR-Unlocks Dr. Doofnshmirtz from "Angry Ferb"

FLUUBEE-Unlocks Random-ness Mode

BORED-Unlocks "Angry Boards" skin

GLASS WINDOW-Unlocks "Angry Chords" skin

GEEK-Unlocks "Angry Nerds" skin

ROVIO-Unlocks "Angry Birds" skin

CHEESE-Unlocks "Angry Curds" skin

MACK AND CHEESE-Unlocks Mack and Cheese from "Angry Curds"

NYAN-Unlocks Nyan Cat

MACARONI-Unlocks Mack Mode

TEH LIE-Unlocks "Angry Cake" skin

YUKI-Unlocks Light Blue Word from "Angry Words Space"

CORE-Unlocks Space mod

EGGSTEROID-Unlocks "Angry Birds Space " Skin

LOREM IPSUM-unlocks The Elder Swear



Android/Droid Phones-Free

Kindle Fire-$0.99


The Elder Swear-$0.99 Each

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