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Q&A Begins!

Goku: Hi!

Gohan: Hey, where is everyone?

Piccolo: They got held up by the traffic in town. Won't be here for awhile.

Goku: Oh, man!

Gohan: Are there any questions yet?

Piccolo (face is currently like this: -_'-): We just started.

Gohan: Oh, right.

Goku: (sighs) There will be other anime soon, I promise, but for now, just ask any question and we'll response posthaste.

Gohan: In the meantime, us Dragon Ball characters are going to kick back and relax.

Goku: And we're back!

Piccolo: Still no sign of anyone else.

Gohan: Well, we have a question from...Phoenixfeather13TheSecond?

Goku: Isn't she the one who created the page?

Gohan: Well, she has a question. "Dear Dragon Ball characters: Does it get tiring fighting Frieza, Cell, etc., every epsiode?"

Dragon Ball characters: Yes.

Freiza: D: WHY?!?!?!

Goku: Because you're annoying.

Freiza D.: That was rude

Goku: Your mom is rude

Gohan: Guys stop it

Piccolo: Turtles!

(Thank you Tacosalad!)

(Everyone stares at Piccolo)

Goku: I'm going to ignore Piccolo for a bit.

Piccolo: D:

Goku: Okay...anyone? Anyone at all?

(Naruto cast arrives)

Fangirls: SQUEAL!

Naruto: ACK!

Goku: -_'-

Gohan: Fangirls, if you want the real Naruto, he said he was Set 1.

(Fangirls run off)

Naruto: Thanks.

Goku: Okay, our next question is—Akamaru, would you stop sniffing Gohan?

Akamaru: Bark!

Vegeta: Is that the question?

Goku: No. Our question is from Harry of Alabama: "Dear Naruto: Is the Nine-Tailed Fox annoying?"

Naruto: DUH. He's extremely annoying—and he's a pervert!

Nine-Tails: Am not!

Goku: Technically, we don't know, so it's most likely he's a pervert.

Nine-Tails: Thanks a lot.

Sakura: Our next question is from Arnold of Minnesota: "Sasuke, do you think Sakura's hot?"


Sasuke: (Sigh) If you must know, not really. Until I'm given a dare (HINT, HINT, PEOPLE) to kiss her or in the Naruto story I fall in love with her, we're not in love.

Sakura: TT_TT

Naruto: YES!

Goku: Don't sound too relieved, because he had a follow-up question. "If Sasuke doesn't like Sakura, then ask Sakura who she likes."

Sakura: D:

Naruto: Just answer!

Sakura: WHY SHOULD I?! (Storms off)

(Bleach cast arrives)


Ichigo: (Runs from crazy fangirl who tries to glomp him)

Renji: How is he popular?

Goku: (shrugs)

Naruto: Our next question is from Team Doofenshmirtz, one of the local buereos on here. DBZ, how do you feel about TeamFourStar's DBZ parody on Youtube?

DBZ Cast: (Silence, crickets chirp, Meap goes by on a motorcycle, Ben 10 crew arrives)

Gohan: Uh...

Goku: What's a Youtube?

Bleach cast: (Facepalm)

(Uryu quickly explains what Youtube is)

Goku: Ohhhh...

Piccolo: Considering we haven't heard of it before, we don't have much of an opinion.

(Ben shows DBZ cast the parody)

Goku: (Laughs) Awesome!

Me: I guess they like it.

Me: Our next question...

Piccolo: Since when do you ask the questions?

Me: Because apparently, you guys get distracted by pretty much everything!

Gohan: TT_TT

ChiChi: HOW DARE YOU!!!!!

Me: One more outburst, and I'll FIRE MAH LAZAH!

ChiChi: (Grumbles)

Me: Anyways, from SonicAndKnuckles: Is Ben Tennyson really 10 years old?

Ben: I was 10 at the start of the first Ben 10, but now I'm 16.

Me: Wow...

Krillin: Are you sure you're not older?

(I beat up Krillin comically)

Me: Any more questions?

(The anime casts and cartoon cast shake their heads)

Me: Good!

Me: We're back!

Goku: You're not a regular person on here, are you?

Me: Sorry, I have life to do.

Krillin: Okay, next question is: "Do you think Muscle Man from The Regular Show is awesome?"

Ichigo: Can we please disregard that one?

Me: Nope~!

Naruto: We hate him. End of story.

Me: Hello! Wow, I died there, didn't I?

Krillin: Phoenix swore us to secrecy, but she was brought back to life via Phoenix Down.

Me: DIE!!!!

(I kick Krillin's butt)

Me: Okay, we have some questions. Ichigo, do you like either Rukia or Orihime?

Ichigo: (Stunned)

Me: Okay, while we ask that, here's one for Ben: Why are you there if you're not an anime character?

Ben: O.O

Me: Oh...if you don't get out, IMA FIRING MAH LAZAH!

Ben 10 Crew: (Runs away)

Ichigo: Umm...I don't think I'm able to answer that right now.

Me: Aww, come on! Every Bleach fan and their mom have waited to learn who you love!

(Code Geass crew arrives)


Lelouch: OH NO!

(Phoenix chases Lelouch around the set)

Goku: O_O

Piccolo: Great, our host is fangirl crazy.

C.C.: I was told there would be pizza.

Gohan: It's backstage.

(C.C. darts backstage and noms the pizza)

Me: Okay, people, Code Geass has now arrived! Suzaku, this is a personal request, but could you pwease do Spinzaku? :3

Suzaku: No.


(Phoenix fires her lazah at Suzaku)

Suzaku: (Falls over, injured)

Me: Okay, peoples, you can now ask Lelouch-kun and the rest of Code Geass any question you like!

Me: Hello, all!

(Orihime is busy healing Suzaku because Phoenix fired her lazah at him last time)

Lelouch: Are you sure that was an okay thing to do?

Ichigo: Am I the only one noticing how much you sound like me?

Lelouch: Wha...WHAT THE HECK?!

Me: Calm down, boys. Geez...anyways, here's a question from Bill from Idaho: Orihime, who do you like the most?

(All anime there looks at Orihime)

Orihime: I...I have no idea...

Me: ._. Oh, come on. We all know you like-

Yachiru: Hi, Bo-bobo!!!!!

(Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo cast shows up)

Me: O_O YAY!!!!

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