What it is

Brussels sprouts are small green cabbages that your mom actually puts in your soup and makes you eat it.



  1. They're green.
  2. They're evil.
  3. They're really ambitious.
  4. They can see dreams.
  5. They possess unlimited mental ability.
  6. They're dangerous.
  7. They have the ability to shuffle the time and space,lift Mjollnir,ruin you,etc.
  8. They are not fair and completely unable to play Fetch-the-Platypus.
  9. They steal chocolate form people.
  10. They have hypnotised people before
  11. They haunt my dreams!!!!
A victim of the hypnosis ---->
For lara

a victim of hypnosis


In your plate,dude. Or in the bin. Or in your stomach. Or... EVERYWHERE!!!


They serve as Thor's agents, They seek to ruin Loki's life,even despite Loki is immortal.

Fate of the guys who eat it

Now,many people hate eating brussels sprouts. This is their fate:

  1. My mom makes me eat 'em
  • I grow up into a tyrant
  • I kill my mom later
  • I get fed up with brussels sprouts and run away from home
  • etc

However, some people are immune to the effects and merely fart more. A perfect example is a pupil of King's Lynn Academy who loves them but causes discomfort for her moher's sprout-hating boyfriend. :(

KNUCKLESthe NINJA has eaten sprouts before and bareky survived. She farted all day long and several people nearly passed out.

The fate of brussels sprouts themselves

The last brussels sprouts enemy unit ever seen on our planet got completely wiped out and consumed by me (Loki) in year 2011 A.C.(B.D.),May 45,78:97

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