Perry AgentP

He's Perry! Perry the Full-back!

League Leaders and scores will be posted here.

Info to know

  • My team is the Power Pros (PP)
  • My dad's team is the Poom Diddys (PD)
  • My mom's team is the Texas Tamales (TT)

League Leaders


Yards: Mr. Bear, PD, 40

TD: Choice, PP, 1

Comp. %: Choice, PP, 100% (1-1)


Yards: Choice, PP, 136

TD: Felix, PP, 1

Attempts: Choice, PP, 12


Yards: Ogletree, PD, 40

TD: Ted, PP, 1

Receptions: Ogletree, PD, 2


Tackles: Drew, PD, 12

Sacks: (t) Atchley, PP/ Choice, PP, 1

Interceptions: Atchley, PP, 1

Kicking Points: Sid, PP, 5 (1-3 FG, 2-2 XP)

Return Yards: Perry, PP, 15 (15 PR yards)


Week 1: Power Pros 17, Poom Diddys 6

Perry ran for a loss of one yard on three carries , but I still won 17-6! 00:45, October 11, 2010 (UTC)

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