Billybobjoes IN PERSON

He is a flying pink dinosaur who killed Lionblaze, ate Edward and crunched up random people

He loves your big smelly cats and often eats Lionblaze and Skittles.

Billybobjoe usaully plays Moshi monsters and bites all people that try and steal his skittles. He is appearing in warriors (the story) and Twillight (the story). He also plays the piano.


Her name is Gretta and she is purple with white spots, gray wings and teeth like a Saber tooth monkey she gave birth to three cubs. She eats pizza and chicken with her bazzie of handness!


Bill is 4 years old. He was born to Mr.Wooly and Mrs.Fleece two sheep. They gave birth to a cow and him. His distant cousin is Stoneteller from warriors, Bella from Twillight and Lusa from Seekers.

The actaul hideout

Billybobjoe has a hideout in his skin. Its a black button that opens up and shoots cannons. Sometimes this explodes him up and he has to go to the amazon to sink.

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