Blora the Explora is a crazy show.


When they got sued

They got sued by those guys who made the regular show for stealing Pops. They still stole him and lost money thhey already lost.


Giver gives items to Blora and Gluvs but they say GIVER NO GIVING and shoot him. Then the Italian dog head comes and her head opens up. Her Brain, skull, eyeballs, muscles, and tongue come out. They take one of the organs and then a screen saying [Inserire parole ITALIANI QUI!] appears. Suddenly The Flying Blue Boy Cow appears and sneezes on Pops's head. The cow's head flies off and he turns into bacon. Then the ITALIAN SQUIRREL FROM JAPAN says a long boring speech in Arabic (where is that squirrel from?). Then the Direction Paper comes out and says: North, South, East, West, Jippimin, Nothu, Inglu, or Glipwa!, or Glipwa!, or Glipwa!, or Glipwa! Then, he eats you. The end.

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