The Random-ness wiki has officially added a bot! Its name is Peter-BOT and can only be found in the IRC. (#phineasandferb,#random-ness,#pfroleplay,#roleplaytalk)

NOTE: Operated by AgentP


!trans-nfl: Last NFL transaction

!trans-nba: Last NBA transaction

!trans-mlb: Last MLB transaction

!welcomelast: Automatically says "Hello (User)" to the last user that joined.

!score-TEAM-SPORT-DATE*: Gives the score for the last game if no date is given, If a date is given (eg. 1/1/2011) the score will be retrieved, albeit slowly

!fanonRC: Last edit on the Fanon

!pfwikiRC: Last edit on the P&F canon wiki

!r-nRC: Last edit on this wiki

!stats-PLAYER-TEAM-SPORT-DATE*: Gives stats for player in last game if no date given, if date given, stats will be retrieved, albeit slowly

!eat-FOOD: He will eat the food specified!

!quote-CHARACTER/PERSON*: He will say a random quote (along with who said it). If a person is specified, he will quote that person. (May take a while if person is unknown)

Possibly more commands coming soon! You can request them on my talk page!

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