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Warning! This song makes no sense at all what so ever. Attempts at finding the meaning to this song could cause the following: Brain cramps, Headache, Tennis elbow, Allergies, and a craving for Snapples(RT) and/or pudding.*

  • Not true but seriously, dont look for the meaning

{song based off of Dirty Rich Beatuiful by Lady Gaga}

Caculators rubber rubber bands bands rubber caculators bands rubber bands (2X)

We got a math problem with equations they are not that hard, we just dont feel like doing it on our own and for some reason I need a Rubber Band but I got no Band. My hair is so perfect but alas it is time for gym, and I got no hairband, so I use a rubber band instead

Funny, but we got no money, So I use a rubber band!

Daddy I'm so sorry I s-s-so so so so sorry I didnt mean to shoot the rubber band! The ru-ru-rubber band at your head

Twang Twang! I shot the rubber band. Rubber rubber band band rubber rubber band caculator

I shot it right at your neck! Caculator band rubber rubber band band caculator

To be continued!.. mabye!

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