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  • 0:09 Exactly where are they trying to go right now? (ding)
  • 0:22 Did Xan intentionally do that? (ding)
  • 0:27 Nobody on the road questions this. (ding)
  • 0:32 How come Adi and Enk got catapulted in the air yet Xan didn't? (ding)
  • 0:41 None of the kids notice Adi and Enk falling into the bus. (ding)
  • 0:41 Also, both of them remain completely unhurt after that. (ding)
  • 0:55 We don't see that police officer for the rest of the episode. Did he just lose Xan when he drove off? (ding)
  • 1:00 I swear, when I was younger I was confused if that was a boy or a girl. (ding)
  • 1:00 Also, did she really drink ALL that water? (ding)
  • 1:00 Also, where did she get all those cups? (ding)
  • 1:04 You just drank all that water and NOW you need the toilet? (ding)
  • 1:04 Also, "call of nature". If this show was more popular that'd probably be a meme. (ding)
  • 1:10 Don't you just love how the moment she needed the toilet the group came? (ding)
  • 1:25 The girl randomly gives her job to somebody she doesn't know. Couldn't she just hold the kids off for a minute? (ding)
  • 1:27 Surely she would've been told who would be working there. She should know that Xan does not work here. (ding)
  • 1:38 None of the kids question Xan's appearance and the fact he is taking them on for no real reason. (ding)
  • 1:43 Apparently, blowing a whistle means "do a handstand". (ding)
  • 1:46 They shouldn't have been able to do that in 2 seconds. (ding)
  • 1:50 "Character puts his hand in his mouth because the object he was going to put in his mouth got taken off him at the last second" cliche. (ding)
  • 2:06 It's taken her THAT long to make it to the top of the hill? She was halfway in a second last time we saw her! (ding)
  • 2:11 Where did she get that from? (ding)
  • 2:25 This is funny, but kids shouldn't be able to do that in less than a second. (ding)
  • 2:25 Also, where did they get those sticks from? (ding)
  • 2:30 How long were they working on that for? (ding)
  • 2:37 Yep. Xan's dead. (ding)
  • 2:38 I just noticed, why is there toilet paper OUTSIDE the toilet? (ding)
  • 2:42 How the hell did she get her hands through that tiny gap? (ding)
  • 3:02 What is propelling Enk in the air there? (ding)
  • 3:05 What? (ding)
  • 3:09 Really? (ding)
  • 3:15 Did Enk hitting the toilet really knock her head down the drain? How does that work? (ding)
  • 3:18 Okay, that deserves 5 sins. (ding x5)
  • 3:22 Enk is completely unhurt after this. (ding)
  • 3:26 Regular kids shouldn't be able to do that. (ding)
  • 3:31 I guess they're dead now? (ding)
  • 3:40 What is Adi even trying to do with those logs? (ding)
  • 3:58 Did Enk mean to do this? (ding)
  • 4:03 (chuckles) (gnid)
  • 4:06 How does that even work? (ding)
  • 4:12 I'll take 3 sins off as this made me chuckle (gnid gnid gnid), but I'll add one back since Adi should be dead from this. (ding)
  • 4:18 Damn it, cartoon, stop making me laugh! (gnid)
  • 4:22 She's been stuck in there this WHOLE time? (ding)
  • 4:24 Also, how was that toilet stall rocking back and forth? Shouldn't it be attached to the grass?
  • 4:29 I'll take 2 sins off since that made me laugh. (gnid gnid)
  • 4:29 Despite that, I still don't understand how the whole beehive falling on top of a person's head works. (ding)
  • 4:34 Unoriginal ghost stories. (ding)
  • 5:06 Xan should've recognised it was her from earlier. (ding)
  • 5:11 That's not how physics work. (ding)
  • 5:13 Adi should realise that's just a beehive. (ding)
  • 5:24 What? God, this episode is destroying physics. (ding)
  • 5:28 How is that beehive still on Adi's back anyway? (ding)
  • 5:54 "Main character looks dead but obviously isn't dead" cliche. (ding)
  • 6:04 Enk didn't notice that was Adi straight away. (ding)
  • 6:10 Those kids can really carry him? (ding)
  • 6:18 Whether Xan swallowed that or not, which is sinnable enough, (ding), he still shouldn't have a whistle sound for a voice. (ding)
  • Sin counter: 50
  • Sentence: Camp of Cliches

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