Candace, after steriods.

Candace is a biatch from Phineas and Ferb. She is mean and nice. She is crazy and normal. She has a crush on Jeremy, who pretends to go out with her so she doesn't freak out.

Insanity: SHE'S CRAZY




Candace did them for a year, until Perry ate one on accident... yeah... I don't know how to explain that.

Sent away

Candace was sent away to a mental hospital after failing to bust Phineas and Ferb for eating fried chicken, and for trying to bust for the 9001 time overall.


Candace Mustache Icon

830px-Canderemy and Stacy Horse

Health Problems/Mental Problems

  • She can't control when she uses the bathroom.
  • She grows hair very fast. This gives her mustaches and turned her into a gorilla once.
  • She has a weird problem that gives her muscles. (or steroids side effects.)
  • She screams at animals.
  • She obsesses over busting her innocent young little brothers.
  • She calls Mom for a hobbie.
  • She is allergic to dairy, yet her favorite food is grilled cheese!
  • She likes to hide in horses butts, along with her friend, Stacy

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