Captain Falcon

Captain Falcon: Yesh!!!!!!!

The Captain:====

You already know this is about. CAPTAIN FALCON!!! Yeah, I don't know why he's such a huge hit on the Internet or why he wants everybody to show him their moves, but...I guess he's cool.

On YouTube, any video with Captain Falcon depicts him as a god. Here's a random. made up conversation:

YouTuber 1: "Captain Falcon beat Ike's butt so bad!!"

YouTuber 2: "Captain Falcon is untouchable!"

YouTuber 1: "You see, Ike didn't c'mon when Captain Falcon said c'mon. When Ike did c'mon, he did not show his moves, thus he didn't prepare himself for the awesome known as Captain Falcon. Because of that one simple mistake, Captain Falcon showed his moves, and Ike received no sympathy."

YouTuber 2: "Agreed. No one can beat Captain Falcon. Not even Chuck Norris."


  • No Ikes were actually hurt; Ike is too awesome to be hurt.
  • This was poking fun at the Captain Falcon meme thingy.

Now, c'mon, and show me your moves.

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