The Epic Story of Meap

Meap - Our main hero.

E.T. - He's seen in Meap's dream and has a big role in Chapter 2!

Robotnik: Someone who says PINGAS in the beginnig,

Phineas Flynn - A young kid who likes to make the most of every summer day. He once built a Rollercoaster.

Ferb Fletcher - He made a speech in the story and got mad at Phineas, who accidently left Ferb to a possible death, it was very unlike him though.

Sonic - He plays a big role in the story, he helps team up and win the basketball game.

Mario: Teamed up with his new friend Sonic.

Tails - An odd young somewhat fox who is somewhat male. He was once seen buying Barbie Dolls.

Classic Sonic - He is the best thing about Sonic. Modern Sonic took over and ruined the franchise, so Classic Sonic goes to the dark side and tries to beat him.

Shadow - A total poop who is the reason Meap is in the hospital, he refuses to help Meap and wanted to use the money for his own purposes, which our heroes did.

Knuckles - Angry at a couple of annouyces, he teamed up with Shadow.

Amy - Sexy angel.

Spongebob - Our favorite Sponge plays a big role, a little angry at Phineas for once dissing him, he accepts his apology and teams up.

Patrick - Spongebob's best friend. He thinks Sonic and Mordecai are both Squidward. He misses Squidward ever since his death in the oil spill.

Mordecai - Dude

Rigby - Dude

Luigi - Joins Shadow side for revenge of always being pushed aside by Mario.



DiC- Logo so awesome, we love it!

Doof Copy- The brother of doof!


Klasky Csupo- Logo SO SCARY, We Censored Him. He later dies in The Sailor Moon Characters Join The Save The Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Klasky Csupo's twin- Only can say:"Boingyoingoingoinbyong!!" OR "Boing" OR "Byoingoingoingyoingboing!". He can speak in english by shooting a beam from his left spring at Rawrlego's TV, unlocking the right to speak in English!

Roads- Main villan


Yakko By Me It's time for Animaniacs!

This page is related to Animaniacs. Yakko and Wakko want this page to be as neat as possible. Please don't put any information from an unreliable source on here.

Cartoon Characters- Do this:
Alvin early
Alvin Seville - Me I want a hulla hoop
Talk - ~~~~~
Simon Seville - I'm the smart one
Talk - ~~~~~
Theodore Seville - Hi i'm Theodore
Talk - ~~~~~
Phineas sitting ATSD Icon
Phineas Flynn - Where's Perry
Talk - ~~~~~
Ferb Fletcher - .......
Talk - ~~~~~
Duddley Puppy
Duddley Puppy - Chew his butt!
Talk - ~~~~~
Spongebob 1
Spongebob Squarepants - I'm ready!
Talk - ~~~~~

Kh2cool's verison of Epic Meap

Meap - The Main Character and Hero

Mitch - The Main Villan

Spongebob - Another Hero

Patrick - Another Hero

Tails - The brains of the operation not a hero

Sonic - The Other Hero

Phineas - One of the three Kidnapped Phineas and Ferb Characters

Ferb - One of the three Kidnapped Phineas and Ferb Characters

Perry - One of the three Kidnapped Phineas and Ferb Characters

The Epic Story of Meap Chapter 2

Meap - Stated above

E.T. - Eats little boys

Link - Doesn't talk and kills fairies

Doof Foot - Gets shot in the butt with a dart, and thinks Meap and E.T. saved it. He joins them, but he dies later in the story

MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Version of the Epic Story of Meap

Major Characters

  • Meap - Main character who gained mustache in part 6.
  • Prof. Wright - Other main character who helps out Meap and loves Science.
  • Pops - Turd loving Popsicle man
  • Ferb - Well actually his name is-
  • Klasky Csupo - Logo SO scary, we had to censor his definition.
  • Floating Mario Head -Crazy version of mario's head.

Minor Characters

  • V of Doom - Logo that smashes stuff!
  • S from Heck - Logo that isn't to scary, but thinks he is.
  • FLUFFY Pillows Pult - Pult known to destroy Klasky csupo
  • Sonic - Speeding Hedgehog
  • Floating Sonic Head - Floating mario Head Ripoff
  • Knuckles - Other Half of an annoting 9 year old's username
  • My Computer - Computer from another dimension of meap
  • Juicer - Juicing guy
  • Hypa - Crazy Complien
  • Isabella - leader of Fireside Girls
  • Alt. meap - Alternate Meap
  • Phineas - Ferb's more talkative brother
  • Donald Derp - YOU KNOW!
  • Phinedroids and Ferbots - Awesome robots made evil by meap.

Planned Characters

  • Gretchen - The obviously best Fireside Girl!
  • VID - Logo MORE evil than Klasky Csupo!

Tornadospeed's Version of "The Epic Story of Meap"

Read the story here!

Click on the character's names for more info.

Main Characters

  • Meap: The main character of the story. Many of the other character's lives and actions revolve around him. He appears in every Part in the story.
  • Zenta: A large coin god who considers himself the greatest person he knows. He is a Complien. He seems to always know that he's in a story. He appears in every Part in the story.
  • My Computer: An Icon that was brought to life by Zenta. He can create and enter portals and often uses this ability when he's scared. He appears in every Part in the story.
  • Translator: A robotic, yet humanlike in personality, being who can translate Meap's language into ours. He always jokes, uses sarcasm, and doesn't take many things seriously. He appears in every Part in the story.
  • Phineas Flynn: The great inventor boy who is always coming up with new ideas and bringing them to life. He makes living foods and appliances in Part 4. He appears in Part 2 and Part 4.
  • Sonic The Hedgehog: The blue hedgehog from the Sonic game series who is very fast and likes doughnuts. So far, he only appears in Part 3.
  • Pops: You know who he is, folks! WE CAN ALL BE TURDS! He appears in Parts 6, 7, and 9.

Minor Characters

  • Ferb Flecther: Phineas' brother who doesn't speak often (he is described as "a man of few words"). He doesn't know what Meap eats. He only appears in Part 2.
  • Mordecai:
  • Rigby:
  • Darius: Darius is some random dude who likes doughnuts and theme songs.
  • Fourth Wall: A Complien that represents the midea concept of the Fourth Wall. He seems to take damage in every part and eventually breaks in Part 9.
  • Mario Head: The Floating Mario Head that likes to move on the ground and tell people to begin typing.

The Epic Story Of Meap(Faves3000)

Meap-Again,the main hero.

(Classic) Sonic-The Sonic of this version.The...weird one.Leaves after the Sonic Section,comes back in the Spongebob Section Finale

Tails-The helper for the search on chaos emeralds.

Mario-The hero from the Mushroom Kingdom,he's the epic one.

Spongebob-The undersea sponge,the neutral one.

Phineas-The smart one,he is also the epic one.Just not as epic as Mario.

Ferb-The unnoticed one who barely talks.Whenever he does something,though,it's kinda funny.

Dr. Doofenshmirts-Had one line in the Regular Show section finale.Appears as temporal dictator of Danville in the P&F section

Agent P(AKA Perry The Platypus)-In the same scene w/ Dr. Doofenshmirtz.Appears again in P&F Section

Finn The Human-he is basically the adventurer.He is kinda cool though(Kinda!?What did I just say!?!?He's EPIC!!!)..Came along after the Sonic Section.

Jake The Dog-Finn's partner in crime.He's as awesome as him.Came along after the Sonic Section.

Mordecai-The kinda-epic one.He's a wisecracker in a way.

Rigby-Mordecai's mini-me...I don't know why either.(Whatisthisidonteven)

Fourth Wall-Always tends to break people keep breaking it.Was repaired once in the Mario Section.

Faves3000 Epic Story Of Meap: The Meapuel

NOTE-These characters are diffrent from the first one. PEOPLE CHANGE YOU KNOW!!

Meap:The main man of the story, needs his ship repaired and does other stuff after that

Mario:The random one. NuFf sAiD

Luigi:The cowardly one. WIMP!!!**

Spongebob:The one thats always trying to crack a joke.

Patrick:Spongebob friend. Even though he's a star, he isn't that bright.**

Phineas:The one who gets mad if people are disruptive and dosnt just move along with wht theyre supposed to do. He's also smart. He's basically an underaged teacher that dosnt teach.

Ferb:Phineas's brother. Talks a bit more, but he's still epic when he gets the chance.

Dr. Doofenshmirtz:Will do ANYTHING to destroy Perry. *SPOILER ALERT* He tries to ruin the Meapship in Part Beta thinking that Rigby was Perry.

Agent P/Perry The Platypus:A secret agent disguised as Phineas's pet. AND HE MAKES THE BEST PET EVAR! He's also constantly battling Dr. Doof.

Finn The Human:Kinda like Phineas, but isnt wicked smart. Plus he only gets mad at Jake. He also likes a good fight.

Jake The Dog:The one who just wanna has fun. But Finn gets mad at him sometimes.

Princess Bubblegum:One of the main objectives to Finn is to save her, and she's capture again by The Ice King.**

The Ice King:He's trying to steal Princess Bubblegum and wreak havoc(Or at least TRY to), is trying to kill Finn,along with Bad Finn.**

Mordecai:The freeloader who'll do ANYTHING to get Benson out of his hair.

Rigby:Same as Mordecai but he gets mad ALOT faster.

Benson:He gets ALOT madder ALOT more quickl than Mordecai,Rigby,and Creeper COMBINED! Mordecai and Rigby's song.

Sonic:He's the smart aleck of the group. With his super-fast speed, he sometimes thinks he the best in the group.

Tails:He another smart person, like Phineas. But only 8 though so he can get annoying.

Shadow:Still wanted to kill Meap after saying "Chicken", he's a Mega-jerk who hates everyone but's in it for the adventure.**

Creeper:The one who joins the gang after the Dimension Hopper going haywire and ending up in the Minecraft dimension. He's the ol' fashioned hothead.**

Enderman:He got here same way as the creeper, but Enderman is generous and likes to gives gifts, but feels really intimidated when he's stared at.**

Mitch:Meap's main enemy. He must be KILLED!!!1!**

Dipper Pines:A paranoid one, always just seems something amiss, as well with a mix of the ol' additude.**

Mabel Pines:A bright, young girl, the twin sister of Dipper. She tends to look on the brighter side of things**

Bad Characters:The character's opposite. Appear in Part Delta. They basically wanna destroy the originals and take over their dimension.

Faves' Brother: Appears rarely, says something Faves' Bro would normally say in real life**


MEAPUEL RIGH NOW jabba the hutt: ow yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sailor moon: *dies because she exploded*

The Epic Story of Bacon

  • Meap of course! (he was kidnapped)

Team Phineas

  • Phineas
  • Ferb
  • Isabella
  • Harry Potter
  • Larry the Platypus
  • Ronald McDonald

Team Regular

  • Mordecai
  • Rigby
  • Darth Vader
  • E.T.
  • Patrick
  • Floating Mario Head

Team Bacon

  • Bacon
  • Finn
  • Complien
  • Sonic
  • Tails
  • Pieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Waffle King
  • Aunt Steve

The Epic Story of Cheese

  • Phineas
  • Ferb
  • Isabella
  • Harry Potter
  • Larry the Platypus
  • Ronald McDonald
  • Waffle Person #1
  • Waffle Person #2

The Epic Story of Meap: Mochlum's Version

(in order of when they appear)

  • Meap
  • Aunt Steve
  • Sonic
  • Shadow
  • Finn
  • Phineas
  • Ferb
  • Banana King
  • Hippie of Doom
  • Darth Vader
  • Harry Potter
  • Larry the Cucumber
  • You
  • Bob the Zebra
  • Squirrelay
  • Giant Baby Head

The Epic Story of Meap: Mochlum's Second Version (now with pudding!)

In order of when they appear again.

  • Meap
  • Woody the Cowboy
  • Buzz Lightyear
  • Phineas
  • Vending Machine
  • Finn
  • High School Musical Cast
  • Ghost of the Pudding's Past
  • Wetzley the Pretzley
  • Aunt Steve
  • Disembodied Background Guy
  • Hairy Doofenshmirtz
  • Ghost of the Ghost of the Pudding's Past
  • Angry Sushi Monster
  • Wetzley's Nice Twin

The Epic Story of Meap: Mochlum's Third Version (now with Shoop Da Woop!!!!!!!!!!!)

In order of when they appear again.

  • Meap
  • Aunt Steve
  • Sonic
  • Nuclear Bomb
  • TGI Fridays Guy
  • Floating Mario Head
  • Shoop Da Woop
  • Patrick
  • Shoop Da Prune
  • Phantom Mario Head
  • Waffle Alien #1
  • Waffle Alien #2
  • Russain
  • Shoop Da Old Lady
  • Harry Potter
  • Moustache Meap
  • Moldyvort
  • Phineas
  • Ferb
  • Announcer
  • Mordecai
  • Rigby
  • Director
  • Justin Beaver
  • Guard
  • Pinnochio
  • Computer
  • Giant Robotic Chicken
  • Complien
  • Smurf
  • Ghost of Mordecai
  • Ghost of Rigby
  • Tails
  • Mochlum
  • Giant Plastic Turkey
  • Creepy Background Voice of DOOM!
  • THE Alien
  • Ploopatoopatoopian
  • Alien
  • Other Aliens
  • Creepy Background Voice
  • Hammoch
  • The Picklez #1
  • The Picklez #2
  • Picklez Planet
  • Thor
  • News Reporter
  • E.T.
  • Ugly Meap

The Epic Story Of Meap (Bnjosnapes verison)

  • Meap- The main Character of the story and needs to find the gem apple to use it for his weeding ring to Pururu
  • Soinc- A butthole to tails, and one of Meap's closest friends. He's eaten by Pops in the 7th chapter.
  • Tails- A fox with "Barbie Syndrome" and "Ugly Idois". He the one who's always get's hurt by stuff like pianos, elaphents, trees, giant purple squireels etc.
  • Dororo- A blue "frog" ninja who's almost forgotten by the group. He always curls up in his "trama ball' at the very mention of his childhood
  • Jar Jar Binks-Part of the group. he dies too, since he's annoying
  • Puuru-The girl who meap is going to marry. She's the reason they must find the Gem apple.
  • Pops- The guy who eats Soinc in chapte 7.
  • Hermit the Frog- A hermit and is the main bad guy because he stole the Gem apple from Meap and his Gang
  • Swiper- An assaian that Hermit hirres in chapter 5, and kills Jar Jar in chapter 11.

mimitchi33's version

  • Meap: Goes on a magical adventure during his summer vacation.
  • Bing Bong: Meap's partner.

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