Cheese, Patty, Bun, and Condiments sing this. Cheese is referred to as "C", Patty as "P", Bun as "B" and Condiments as "O".

C: I'm Cheese!

P: I'm Patty!

B: I'm Bun!

O: And we're the condiments!

All: And we're gonna sing a...

Singity songity sangity song!

B: First you put the bottom bun down,

P: Then me, the Pat-TY!

C: Then cheese, american preferred!

O: And if you want, we'll put pickles, lettuce, onions, mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, and tomato on it!

B: Then the top bun!

All: And you've got a, You've got a, You've got a...

All (very loud yell): CHEESEBURGER!

(Human then eats it)

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