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(Cuts to the lounge where everyone is)

Junko: (texting) Ugh, I am so bored.

Celestia: (texting as well) ...Same.

Chihiro: We have to find something to do.

Nagito: Is it just me or are the lights flickering?

(The lights turn off.)

Chihiro: Ahh! The power went out!

Junko: Oh, shit!

Sayaka: Now, now hold on a minute, why not we have a slumber party?

Everyone: Yeah!

(Sayaka turns on a lamp and leads everyone to the basement.)

(Cuts to everyone walking down the stairs.)

Komaru: Why are we going down here?

Sayaka: We have sleeping bags down here, and some cheesy low budget movies from the 2000's.

Chihiro, Makoto, Nagito and Hajime (in unision): Sweet.

Junko: What movies?

Sayaka: You know,  Get Over It, Crossroads, Vanilla Skies...

Byakuya: I've heard enough.

(Sayaka rolls her eyes.)

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