The most powerful and strongest living thing in the universe. GPS is synonymous with Chuck norris. KING CHUCK NORRIS IS SO GREAT AND HE DESERVES HIS NAME TO BE IN BOLD ITALICS IN ALL INTERNET TEXT


Chuck norris pwning a horse


  1. he can use chaos control

    he uses many disguises.

  2. He is Meap's real father
  3. He is and was the chosen one
  4. Darth Vader was not his father
  5. Chuck Norris can speak upside down
  6. He has Seven Rings in one Hand
  7. He is not a Barbie Girl™ in a Barbie World™.
  8. He created the Giraffe when he uppercutted a horse.
  9. Chuck Norris doesnt go hunting because it implys the possibilty of failure. He goes killing.
  10. On the bottom of China there is a stamp that says made by Chuck Norris.
  11. There is no sense of live on Mars becauce Chuck Norris has already been there.
  12. Chuck Norris has Angry Birds for every system.
  13. Chuck Norris has a rivalry against
  14. He can protect you from the paradox.
  15. He destroyed Red with his own Pokemon.
  16. He has read Wikipedia in all languages TWICE
  17. 99% of chuck norris jokes SUCK!
  18. He can SWIM on LAND
  19. He doesn't sleep with a teddy bear, he sleeps with a real bear
  20. The Boogieman doesn't scare him, he scares the Boogieman

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