Compliburgers are burgers with Compliens inside! Me want one! ME WANT ONE! Ad yrz.

If you want one, go to Complien King, at the interstate I-01010010. Which doesn't exist! Oh. Now look! I've completed one of my summer events!

Building a Rocket

Fighting a Mummy

Climbing up the Eiffel Tower

Discovering Something that doesn't exist

Giving a monkey a shower

Surfing Tidal Waves

Creating Nanabots

Locating Fankenstien's brain

Finding a Dodo bird

Painting a continent

Driving your sister insane


FOOD! (edit)


BANANAZZZZ | Blueberries | Bread-Free Toast | CORNDOGS | Candy | Champion's Chips | Cheeseberries | Cheezburger | Compliburgers | Cooked NBC Turkey | Dork Krabby Mint Patty | English Muffin | Fluubee Burgers | FRENCH FRIES | French Fries | Fried Chicken | Fudge | Grapes | Happy Mix | Ice Cream | Kentucky Fried Chicken | Krabby Patties | Meatloaf | Mozzarella Sticks | Muffin | Muffins | Nachos | Nyan Cat | Onions | Orix | PEANUT BRITTLE | Pancakes | Pickle Slices | Pickles | Pies | Poppy Cornman | Rice | Strawberry Pie | Pizza Ranch Dressing

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