thumb|300px|right"Dance,baby!" is a song from the Phineas and Ferb episode "Candace Disconnected".



hands in the air,

go out to the store and buy a wicker chair.


wave your feet!

Throw off your shoes and dance to the beat.

Just dance,baby!(Just dance,baby!)

Dance,baby!(Just dance,baby!)

Put your arms in the air!(Whoo hoo hoo!)

Wear sunglasses your the glare,yeah,yeah!

Shake your feet to the beat!(Whoo hoo hoo!)

Make sure you get window seat,yeah!


soak your hat!

Wring it out take it to the laundromat!


wave your feet!

Throw off your shoes and dance to the beat!

Just dance,baby!(Just dance,baby!)



shake your hips!

Go down to the peir and get the fish and chips!


motivate your limbs!

Never eat a cactus if your outta practice!

Shake your feet to the beat,get a window seat,

You can feel the heat and you feel complete,

Your poppin-it,lockin-it,around-the-clockin-it,

everybody talkin it,because your rockin it,

Just dance,baby!


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