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Trigger Happy Havoc is the first story arc of Danganronpa Handwritten. It focuses on Makoto Naegi on his first day at Hope's Peak Academy.



Volume 1

Covers Chapters 1-4

Chapter 1

  • Page 1, Panel 1: Makoto is seen looking up at Hope's Peak Academy. Makoto says, "So this is the place..."
  • Page 1, Panel 2: Closer view of Makoto. Makoto says, "Hope's Peak Academy. A prestigious university for those who are the very best at what they can do."
  • Page 1, Panel 3: Makoto is seen standing in front of the door, holding an acceptance letter.
  • Page 2, Panel 1: Makoto walks up to the door of Hope's Peak Academy.
  • Page 2, Panel 2: Makoto knocks on the door twice.
  • Page 2, Panel 3: Makoto sees an empty hallway.
  • Page 2, Panel 4: Monokuma states all students must go to the gym.
  • Page 3, Panel 1: Makoto sees all the other students.
  • Page 3, Panel 2: Sayaka recognizes Makoto.
  • Page 3, Panel 3: Makoto's reaction to Sayaka recognising him.
  • Page 3, Panel 4: Makoto and Sayaka head to the gym.
  • Page 4, Entire Page: We see all of the other students are already at the gym, nervously waiting and spreading gossip.
  • Page 5, Panel 1: Monokuma backflips into view and introduces himself as the headmaster of Hope's Peak Academy.
  • Page 5, Panel 2: The students are shocked by what they just heard.
  • Page 5, Panel 3: Makoto notices Kyoko.
  • Page 5, Panel 4: Kyoko gives Makoto the timetable and explains that they're sharing a dorm room.
  • Page 6, Panel 1: Everyone leaves for their dorm rooms.
  • Page 6, Panel 2: We see Junko behind a statue of the actual headmaster, giggling.

Chapter 2

  • Page 7, Panel 1: Makoto enters his dorm room. Kyoko is already there, doing some work on a laptop.
  • Page 7, Panel 2: Makoto questions why Kyoko is in his room.
  • Page 7, Panel 3: Kyoko states that she is doing research on Hope's Peak, to which there is barely anything.
  • Page 7: Panel 4: Makoto states that there is no way out the school unless if Monokuma says so.
  • Page 7, Panel 5: The two hear a female scream.
  • Page 8, Panel 1: The two question who it was.
  • Page 8, Panel 2: They decide to investigate.
  • Page 8, Panel 3: Sayaka runs towards them, saying that she saw a trail of blood. (is this acceptable or no?) (yes, it's acceptable)
  • Page 8, Panel 4: Makoto decides to follow the trail of blood.
  • Page 9, Panel 1: No body was found, and everyone starts wondering where the blood came from if no murder was made.
  • Page 9, Panel 2: Sayaka turns around, showing that the back of her right leg has a slit, with blood coming out and staining her stockings.
  • Page 9, Panel 3: Sayaka states she was cut trying to make an escape.
  • Page 9, Panel 4: A loud clanging sound is heard.
  • Page 10, Panel 1: We see Chihiro trying to open a fridge.

Volume 2

Covers Chapters 5-8

Volume 3

Covers Chapters 9-13

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