Perry WTF
In an episode of Phineas and Ferb, Doofensmhirtz FINALLY hurts Perry. Perry is deformed for all of season 5 and half of season 6. He has an episode in Season 8 where he becomes more deformed and gains a super form


Season 5

  • Perry Gets Busted
  • Doof n' Puss: The Movie
  • Phineas and Ferb Across The Fourth Dimension
  • Team Phineas/ Phineas Clip-O-Rama 2
  • Ferb Dies/ Candace Dies
  • Linda Dies/ Lawrence Dies
  • Isbella Dies/ Meap Dies
  • Everyone Dies
  • Phineas Dies
  • Ferb Comes Back To Life/ Candace Comes Back To Life
  • Linda comes back/ Lawrence Comes back
  • Isabella Comes Back To Life/ Meap comes back to life
  • Everyone Comes Back To Life
  • Phineas Comes Back To Life
  • Get Smart/ Get Dumb
  • Cliptastic Countdown 5
  • Perry's girlfriend/ Perry's girlfriend brakes up with him
  • Dr Plepper/ Pepsay
  • The Chronicles of Meap Episode 45: Meapless in Alaska, The Adventures of Religious Hero and Meap
  • Doofenshmirtz Blows Up Danville/ E.T. vs. Meap

Season 6

Note: Every episode in season six is 30 minutes long

  • Katy perry

    Katy Perry

    It's friday gotta get down on friday (Perry vs. Rebecca Black)
  • Perry's album (It's Friday again!)
  • The Game
  • Phineas vs. Ferb
  • Phineas Kills Someone Part 1: The Death
  • Phineas Kills Someone Part 2: Court
  • Phineas Kills Someone Part 3: Phineas Goes To Jail
    Perry WTFFF
  • Phineas Kills Someone: The Movie, Across The Fifth Dimension
  • Perry vs. Katy Pery
  • Perry Reforminator

Season 7

  • Perry Sez
  • Perry Derps
  • Perry Dies Forever

Extremely Deformed Perry The Platypus

In another episode of Phineas and Ferb, Perry gets crushed again, twice this time. He almost gets crushed a third time, but he ends up okay!

Super Extremely Deformed Perry The Platypus

When getting crushed a third time, Perry uses the seven Chaos Emeralds super strength to lift the crush-inator and turns super, adopting a yellow body as well as a yellow auroa. He then destorys the crush-inator and uses the Perry reform-inator twice. This is also the first apperance of Super Perry.
Perry WTFF

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