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Destiny Sport of Random-ness Wiki is a basketball game and spiritual successor to Destiny Battle of Random-ness Wiki.

Player Characters

Name Image Species Series Character Type Desc.
Miroir Miroir Human Original Balanced Human time-traveller. Fond of computing.
GingerBrave GingerBrave Cookie Cookie Run Tough The bravest cookie. Refuses to be eaten.
GingerBright Ginger Bright Cookie Cookie Run Swift GingerBrave's sister. Sweet and delicate.
Reimu Hakurei Reimu Brand New Human Touhou Project Skilful Shrine Maiden of Gensokyo. Wields a Yin-Yang orb.
Marisa Kirisame Marisa Brand New Human Touhou Project Swift Odinary magician. Sometimes steals stuff from SDM.
Sophie Otter 2017SophietheOtter Otter Original Swift
Youmu Konpaku Youmu Brand New Human/Ghost Hybrid Touhou Project Swift Yuyuko's bodyguard. Slices everything with her sword.
Guido Guido Forklift Cars Tough A forklift. Skilled at bartending.
Ansi Molina Human Welcome to the Wayne Skillful
PaRappa Parappa Rappa Line Sticker Dog PaRappa the Rapper Balanced A Rapping dog. Raps about absloutely everything.
Unikitty Unikitty Cat-Unicorn Hybrid Unikitty Skillful
Puppycorn Puppycorn cn image Dog-Unicorn Hybrid Unikitty Swift
Pinto Rappa SUPERKAWAII Dog PaRappa the Rapper Swift
Yuyuko Saigyouji Yuyuko New Ghost Touhou Project Skillful The ghost of Hakugyokurou. While she can manipluate death, she has a gentle personality.
Susie Susanna Unknown Kirby Skillful Executive assistant of Haltmann Works Company. Often sings praise to her boss.
Lissa Lissa Heroes Human Fire Emblem Skillful Princess of the Halidom of Ylisse. Capable of healing others.
Hana Heroes
Human Fire Emblem Balanced A samurai of Hoshido. Princess Sakura's personal bodyguard.
Seijou "Seitekina" Taiyo
Human Original Swift A timid, but yet gentle human from another world. Has problems with girls.
Human Senran Kagura Balanced A shinobi of the Hanzo National Academy. Loves Futomaki rolls.
Human(?) Kirby Balanced An artist who can bring pictures to life.
Sanae Kochiya Sanae Brand New Human Touhou Project Balanced A shrine maiden from the outside world. Serves two nature goddesses.
MR Z BRAINZ MRZBRAINZ Undead Human Original Balanced A zombie from the underworld that likes gaming and memes.
Kotura Satibiku Human Original Swift An adult female gamer that can get in a pretty bad mood sometimes.
Alex Coppola Human Original Balanced A scarlet devil chollima who makes YouTube videos.
Gihna Konoka Human Original Swift A nekomata girl who loves drawing.
Ivy Fox Ivy Fox Original Balanced A female fox who loves a lot of things.
Terra Branford Terra Human/Esper Hybrid Final Fantasy Skilful Child of a human and an esper. Skilled at magic.
Elijah Eubank/MegaToon1234
What I Look Like in The Bunkest
Human Original Balanced An unusual wildcard of anything else.
Celes Chere Celes Human Final Fantasy Skilful Former general of Emperor Gestahl. Fond of flowers.
Destin la Reisevoir Goddess of Reservoirs Original Balanced A wakasagi reincarnated as a goddess of reservoirs.
Unmei no Supotsu God of Sport Original Tough An ocean god of sports seeking faith.

Non-Playable Characters

Name Image Species Series Purpose
Toyosatomimi no Miko Miko Saint Touhou Project Serves as the game's host, appearing on most menus.
Meap Meap Alien Phineas and Ferb Serves as a referee during games.
The Velodragon Dragon Original Serves as a plot device during Story Mode.
Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu Eiki Shiki Yama Touhou Project In the event of a tie, Eiki will decide which team deserves to win.


When they first start the game, the player is given the option of going through some of these tutorials. If they refuse, they can still view these tutorials, among others, through the main menu.

  1. Dribble. This vital action allows the ball to touch the ground, needed for various interactions.
  2. Guard the Ball. Because dribbling determines the ball's position, it can be used to avoid enemy steals.
  3. Shoot. By throwing the ball into the basket, points can be earned.
  4. Charge Shot. It is possible to charge a throw in order to improve its accuracy.
  5. Pass. Throwing the ball to a teammate. Useful for getting out of tight spots, or to get the ball across the court quickly.
  6. Run and Dribble. By running in the same direction as you dribble, your speed will increase.
  7. Quick-Dash. Dribble in one direction while moving in the opposite direction to perform this effective evasion move.
  8. Slam Dunk. Performing a throw while near the basket results in a slam dunk.
  9. Steal. When you do not have the ball, performing a steal on whoever has the ball will cause them to drop it.
  10. Jump. Jumping can be used when you do not have the ball in an attempt to intercept enemy throws.
  11. Jump Steal. It is possible to perform a steal in midair, useful for intercepting slam dunks.
  12. Swap Characters. You can freely swap characters on the defence, to have the best chance of getting the ball back.
  13. Block. A block can prevent enemies from getting past you on the defence. Best used to slow an enemy's advance.

Story Mode

Main Article: Destiny Sport of Random-ness Wiki/Story Mode

Star Coins

Stars can be collected during games by dribbling at certain points. Stars increase your point multiplier, but are lost when you make a shot. For every three Stars you collect, a Star Coin is earned. Star Coins have the following purposes...

Aquarium Shrine

Main Article: Destiny Sport of Random-ness Wiki/Aquarium Shrine

Every Star Coin you collect in-game will count for one donation to the Aquarium Shrine. Once enough donations are made, the shrine's appearance will improve. This shrine exists exclusively for the player's personal amusement, not having an impact on gameplay.