Read here.

Apparently I made it and it turned out to be the most popular page of the summer 2010 season.

Yeah... (gets a saucepan and pours in water)

So it's about Perry the Platypus fighting Doofenshmirtz like in Phineas and Ferb. Later on, Perry finds out that he has a son from the future named Perry Jr. in which he has to go back to the past to set things right as his world is in peril. Later, Larry the Platypus, Perry's twin comes over and joins the group which lastly comes Jerry the Platypus, who is a clone created by Doofenshmirtz.

(water is boiling and pours in noodles)

Meanwhile Pinky has to defeat Prof. Poofenplotz in a much similar manner of Perry and Doof.

(drains very hot water unto another saucepan and pours the noodles into the bowl)

So yeah there's all there is to it!

(cools down water to hot water and pours in seasoning flavor)

Umm... you're supposed to leave now...

(stops boiling in pours in the soup in the bowl)

Oh you can have some noodle soup!

(serves it to you)

Here you can have it! ;)

(you say thank you)

You're welcome. Bye!

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