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Chapter 1

Frame 13

E.T. woke up one night. He was thirsty. He went down stairs and opened the fridge. All he saw was Zeer, but he wasn't alowed to drink that... the only thing else to drink though was Zater. E.T. drank the zeer anyways. Only because he was so thirsty! When he was done, he just threw the bottle and it hit his cat causing it to explode and makes lots of noise his Dad could hear. "Oh no!" Thought E.T. "I'm still thirsty!" There was no zeer left. he remembered something at Eliot's house called beer, it was just like zeer. E.T. was going to Eliot's!

Chapter 2

E.T. flew across space, in his dad's car bumping into stars and planets. H eventually crashed into earth, crushing Eliot's house.

Chapter 3

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