Join this magical adventure when 音波パイを食べる (Decode here .) E.T. wants to get revenge on atari for making
  • E.T. at fa camp
  • E.T. checking in to rehab!
his game bad so he comes back. Mainly for the beer at Eliot's has though. He goes through rehab later because Percy and Guppy call the police and he kidnaps Guppy! E.T. leaves rehab eventually but gets hooked on M&Ms, Chocolate, and Candy. He is forced through a gym and when he's skinny he gets home, but wait what is he gonna do when he grows up? Hannah E.T. Tanah of course! He then starts a concert and befriends Percy and gives him his brother back. The ending is when E.T. and Hannah Montana stage fight over a mic. E.T. tears Hannah Montana's face off. SHE'S A EVIL ROBOT! But Agent P and Sonic The Hedgehog come in later in their own series to get rid of Hannah Montana. However, after they get rid of Hannah Montana, she comes back as level 2: Miley Cyrus, so E.T. eats her and then the mayor pays him a billion dollars for saving the whole city. Also, when they fight the robot Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana the song Robot Riot plays.

And E.T. dies from cancer 5 years later.


Animated Series

An animated series has been confirmed and has the original stories adapted into episodes!!


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