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Emerald PL

Emerald is a character in Pokemon Life. She made her (technical) debut in the RSE story arc. She is dubbed as "Healer Class" due to her skill in healing wounded Pokemon.


Volume 1

Emerald makes a cameo in this volume, giving Gold a Fishing Rod. While she mentions the Hoenn Region, her name is not given at this point.

Volume 4

Emerald is seen moving from Pacifidolg Town to Oldale Town at the start of the RSE story arc, and his shown mentioning her all-expenses-paid holiday to Johto. Much to her mother's dismay, Emerald immediately heads out to Route 102 to search for Pokemon, but is stopped by some nerd who is examining a footprint. No matter how many times Emerald points out that the footprint is simply his own footprint, the nerd would not budge, and consequently Emerald waited until nighttime to head out to Route 102, discovering what kind of Pokemon live there and sneaking off to Petalburg City as part of her journey.

At Route 104, Emerald is training in battles against wild Pokemon when she comes across Sapphire. Having borrowed a speedboat from Mr. Briney, the two head off to Dewford.

Volume 5

At Dewford, Emerald goes fishing and ends up capturing a Corphish, and later a Luvdisc. The next catch she makes is a Carvanha, and then a Sealeo who violently attacks her, forcing Kip to evolve into a Marshtomp in order to save her.

Shortly after this, Ruby and Sapphire agree to travel to Slateport with Emerald. Using Nosepass as a compass, they travel along Routes 107 and 108, and make a stop at the Abandoned Ship, where they get attacked by Courtney of Team Magma. They then travel along Route 109 and reach Slateport City.

At Mauville City, Emerald stumbles across a patch of grey grass which suddenly opens up, causing her to fall into New Mauville. At this point, Ruby and Sapphire come to rescue her and help her in shutting down the haywire generator.

Volume 6

Emerald decides to raid Team Magma's base, found at the base of Mt. Chimney. Arriving in their base, she infiltrates the area and takes back some stolen Pokemon that Team Magma had taken off innocent children (she couldn't tell if that was the case, but she just made an educated guess). At this point, however, Courtney suddenly attacks Emerald. During this battle, Courtney uses her Vulpix, but Emerald lets her guard down because of her Water-Type Pokemon. Vulpix, however, can shoot seven fireballs at once, one from each tail and another from its mouth. Because of this, her Pokemon can only eliminate a few of them, with the others hitting Emerald herself.

After Emerald is presumably knocked unconscious by the impact of the fire, Courtney tells her to "vanish in a tornado of lava" by having her Vulpix use Fire Spin. At this point, Kip evolves into a Swampert and uses Take Down to rush through the Fire Spin, throwing Emerald into the air and telling Duskull to lift her upside down above the Fire Spin. This shocks Courtney, giving Emerald's Pokemon an opportunity to attack.

Emerald is later seen at Route 118, offering Sapphire a ride across the sea towards Fortree City. She is then seen joining in with the gathering of the Gym Leaders, and stated that she had gathered pieces of a stone plate on her journey. On this plate is a type of Braille, but since one piece is missing she is unable to decipher it.

Volume 7

While Ruby, Sapphire, Tate and Liza head out to Mossdeep to find the last piece of the Stone Plate, Emerald (whose Duskull evolved into a Dusclops) passes the time at the Contest Hall in Lilycove. After this contest, she heads to Mossdeep on Winona's request using her newly-evolved Wailord, and meets up with Sapphire and Ruby. Winona then states that the Groudon-Kyogre catastrophe is so great that the civilians of Hoenn have to evacuate. Emerald suggests evacuating to New Mauville, as it should serve as a shelter due to being built solidly underground.

The group then use Reli's Dive to head to Sootopolis City, where a fight is breaking out between Groudon and Kyogre. Emerald then proceeds to read out the inscriptions on the Stone Plate...

"In this cave, we have lived. We owe it all to these Pokemon. But, we sealed them. We feared them. Those with courage, those with hope... open a door. The eternal Pokemon await. First comes Wailord, last comes Relicanth, and the door shall open."

...upon reading these inscriptions, Emerald puts her Pokemon in a line, with Wail at one end and Reli at the other, consequently summoning Regirock, Registeel and Regice. At this point, members of Team Aqua and Team Magma suddenly attack Emerald. At this point, the Elite Four come out of nowhere - while Sidney, Drake and Glacia control the legendary Golems and have them contain the energy of Groudon and Kyogre using Ancient Power, Phoebe attacks the Team Aqua and Team Magma Grunts with her Duskull and Shuppet.

Five grunts, however, avoid these attacks and continue to unleash a full-power attack on Snow. While the grunts claim that Snow has reached her limit and will be blown away at that moment, Snow suddenly evolves into a Glalie and not only repels the attacks, but unleashes Hail to attack the two grunts who DIDN'T get blown out of Sootopolis by Ice Beam. While the grunts attempt to use Rest to survive the Hail, Phoebe's Sableye stops them using Snatch. They then proceed to launch an all-power attack with Hyper Beam, only for Steven to have his Skarmory rescue Emerald, flying her to the Sky Pillar in order to awaken the third legendary Pokemon, Rayquaza, who can supposedly stop Groudon and Kyogre from fighting.

At the Sky Pillar, Emerald uses her bike to traverse the crumbling floors, eventually reaching the roof of the tower, where Rayquaza is sleeping in ozone. By using her Pokemon's attacks to break a hole in the ozone, Rayquaza wakes up and flies to Sootopolis City, taking Emerald with him. By using Rayquaza's power combined with the influence of the two orbs, Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire manage to return Groudon and Kyogre to their eternal slumber.


Emerald specialises in healing. Consequently, she is highly skilled at healing Pokemon, to the point that she doesn't even need to use Pokemon Centres.

On Hand

Name Image Details
Kip 258 Mudkip
259 Marshtomp
260 Swampert
Emerald received this Mudkip as an anonymous gift shortly after moving to Oldale Town. He evolved into a Marshtomp while fighting a wild Sealeo, and into a Swampert while fighting Courtney.

Kip's known moves are Tackle, Growl, Mud Slap, Water Gun, Mud Shot, Bide, Foresight, Mud Sport, Take Down, Waterfall and Muddy Water. As of the end of Volume 7, he is at Level 46.

Wail 320 Wailmer
321 Wailord
Emerald has had this Wailmer since prior to the RSE story arc. He evolved into a Wailord on the way to Mossdeep.

Wail's known moves are Splash, Growl, Water Gun, Rollout, Whirlpool, Astonish, Water Pulse, Surf, Mist and Water Spout. As of the end of Volume 7, he is at Level 45.

Reli 369 Relicanth Emerald has had this Relicanth since prior to the RSE story arc.

Reli's known moves are Tackle, Harden, Water Gun, Rock Tomb, Yawn, Dive, Take Down, Mud Sport and Ancient Power. As of the end of Volume 7, he is at Level 44.

Pass 299 Nosepass Emerald uses this Nosepass as a compass to figure out directions.

Pass' known moves are Tackle, Harden, Rock Throw, Block, Thunder Wave, Rock Slide, Sandstorm and Zap Cannon. As of the end of Volume 7, he is at Level 43.

Skull 355 Duskull
356 Dusclops
Emerald likes to use this Duskull to search for hidden presences. He evolved into a Dusclops prior to the contest in Lilycove.

Skull's known moves are Leer, Night Shade, Foresight, Disable, Astonish, Confuse Ray, Pursuit, Shadow Punch and Will-o-Wisp. As of the end of Volume 7, he is at Level 41.

Snow 361 Snorunt
362 Glalie
Emerald caught this Snorunt on the way to Mt. Chimney. She evolved into a Glalie in Sootopolis City.

Snow's known moves are Powder Snow, Double Team, Bite, Icy Wind, Crunch, Ice Beam and Hail. As of the end of Volume 7, she is at Level 42.

In the Box

Name Image Details
Omanyte 138 Omanyte Emerald was seen with an Omanyte in her cameo in GSC.

None of Omanyte's moves are known.

Kabuto 140 Kabuto Emerald was seen with an Kabuto in her cameo in GSC.

None of Kabuto's moves are known.

Water Pokemon 341 Corphish
370 Luvdisc
318 Carvanha
Emerald caught these Pokemon while fishing at Dewford.

None of their moves are known.


Name Image Details
Rayquaza 384 Rayquaza Emerald used Rayquaza to stop the rampage of Groudon and Kyogre, but couldn't control him and consequently released him afterwards.

Rayquaza's only known move is Extreme Speed.