Epic Ninja Man!

Epic Ninja Man!

Epic Ninja Man is the world's greatest ninja. He is a stickman. His catchphrase is "Away I ninja go to bathroom pickles!" He is best known for his ninjaspeed.


He can do everything a ninja can do. He has ninjaspeed, which he uses to scare the crap out of people with. He can also shoot lasers from his left butt cheek. When he eats pickles, he turns into a giant robot. When he eats tacos, he plays an electric guitar/giant laser gun. When he eats fried chicken, he turns into a picklepus. His only known weakness is lack of randomness in the world. Without it, he turns into a green-headed British kid. Yay, cookies! After his Final Battle with Xanjifo, he mysteriously disappeared to a deserted island which evetualy got blown up by Magneto, and is currently unknown if he's alive or in the spirit world


Epic Ninja Man's enemy is Xanjifo Afkipa. They often fight to the near-death. Some of Epic Ninja Man's other enemies include SpongeBob SquarePants, Meap, Snoopy and M.C. Escher.