Meap: Meap!

Sonic: What a nice day to go back to transcript style!

Spongebob: It's also a special day to!

Sonic: My birthday party?

Phineas: No.

Sonic: What? My birthday was a week or two ago, and we still haven't celebrated?

Phineas; Forget it dude, it's over.

Link: ...

Tails: He's right, you should go so we can dicuss something!

Meap: Meap (No!)

Link: ...

Spongebob: Sounds like a plan, l Link!

Meap: Meap! (lolwut!?)

Sonic: We can't tell you.

Meap: Meap (Okay bye, I HAET ALL OF YOU!)


Spongebob: I found a clown!

Peter: Hey kids, i'm peepants the clown!

Link: ...

Spongebob: He was all I could get.

Meg: What Dad?

Peter: Fill in for me, you Clown costume is better.

Meg: I'm not wearing a costume.

Peter: Yup.


Tails: *opens the door and gets ran over by Sonic*

Sonic: Close it!

Tails: Why?

Sonic: IT HAS A GUN!

Tails: ....


Peter: Wow.

Sonic: Um... what is that thing.

Meg: *cries*

Peter: Meg your being annoying, shut up or i'll slap you.

Meg: Okay.

Peter: *slaps Meg anyways*

Meg: I'm running away!

Peter: ...

Link: ...

Peter: Stop copying me!

Tails: So Sonic, did you get the party bags for all of Meap's little friends?

Sonic: No, I took Link's bomb ag and filled them with them and dropped them in front of Amy.

Tails: *kicks Sonic out* Get more.

Sonic: Tails? Are you locking the door.... TAILS!


Amy: Thank you for taking me along Sonic.

Sonic: Hey look at that perfume!

Amy: Rat Poisen?

Sonic: No, the one next to it called "Dog Dung" that means pretty Dog

Amy: You think i'm a pretty dog?

Sonic: Well, i think your a certain type of dog.

Amy: Which shoudl I get?

Sonic: Both (This is gonna be hilarious!)

At Tail's workshop/The house)

Tails: So everything is set up?

Phineas: Yes, yes it is.

Tails: You've said that 3 times today.

Peter: Can we get this over with? I got to go.

Sonic: Okay, you can leave if it's important.

Peter: No, I "gotta go."

Tails: Oh...

Meap: *walks down stairs and everyone yells surprise)

Peter: Uh oh...

The End

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