Fantasia: Random Works is a random movie that will be presented yesterday and last year.

The movie is another package film by Disney. The shorts include random stuff about random stuff which is about random stuff and stuff thats random and randomites that love stuffers that stuffers love randomites and exetera and aplfoomb.



Crossing to Neverland/Secret of Neverland

The music tells the story of pizzas wishing to go to Neverland. One night, they get wings and are able to get to Neverland. On their way, they meet enemies such as fruits and vegetables.

Maui Beach/Sunshine in Hawaii

The music tells the story of flying swans swan diving into Hawaii. There they fell in love with hula dancers but then they face 100 computers and laptops all trying to get the hula dancers to love them.

Pretty Pretty Abilities/On the Debug!

The music tells the story of a nerd trying on new pretty pretty accessories which gave him new powerful abilities. He then fights viruses on electronics by "power-debuging"

The Sorcerer's Apprentice


The Bell Tower/Into the Sunlight

The music tells the story of the gorgeous view of the tallest bell tower in the world. There a pizza, a burger, and a hot dog goes and tries to make it better.

Happy-Go-Lively/A Hat, A Cane

The music tells the story of the usual pleasent American old timey cities... but with random twists.

Waiting for the Lights/Kingdom Celebration

The music tells the story of a boy and a girl waiting for the fireworks to light up the sky. The sky will light up but what do YOU think it will.

The Carnival of Animals, Finale


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