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Fresh Admin of Random Air is a sitcom starring Dan the Phantom and his friends going on many kooky adventures. He lives in an apartment he shares with Bowser the Jr and Nintendo the Champ.


In a small coastal town, Randarea, where sunny, rainy, and snowy weather are all common, many adventures unfold with Phantom and friends. Phantom - the new guy, settles into an apartment with his long time friends Bowser and Champ. Phantom adapts to the Randarea lifestyle as he makes friends, explores the depths of the city, and has fun.


Main Article: Fresh Admin of Random Air/ Characters


  • Dan the Phantom
  • Bowser the Jr
  • Nintendo the Champ
  • Tornado the Speed
  • Jay the Ess
  • Wonder the Kat
  • Mega the Geo


  • GameStop Girl
  • E.T.
  • Gabe Newell
  • Mochlum
  • Faves
  • Awesome the CartoonFan
  • King the Spriter
  • Moon the Snail


A list of episodes can be found here.


  • It was made because some epic guy in chat said Alt (Now know as RT (Now known as Phantom)) should have his own sitcom.
    • It was revived because Phantom actually wants to make edits here again.

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