Voiced by: J.G. Quintel

A ghost with a hand on his head and a quivery, high voice. High Five Ghost is frequently shown giving Muscle Man a "high-five" to accompany his loud outbursts of responding "My mom" to everything. He is always seen together with Muscle Man. He has a brother named Low-Five Ghost. He has a dad who is not a real doctor, that was just part of the prank. He can substitute for spongebob with his hand.


High Five Ghost

You know who else has big muscles? My mom! *High fives Muscle Man*

Cooooooookies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Icecream and cake and cake!!!!!

Yeah Regular Show! He looks like he has a fork in his head. It looks like a spatula or something...IDK!

PopsThis page isn't random enough. Make it more random by adding random-ness. "We can all be turds!"

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