Garfield & His Homework

Garfield has homework...

Homework; it can be the most dreadful thing in the world. It can be something people enjoy, or it can turn against people when they didn't do their homework. It can frustrated me so much that I crumple it up sometimes, throw it out the window, and get a zero the next day.

Homework, as I like to think of it, is something REALLY boring. I never understand my Maths schoolwork, what makes those teachers think I'll understand the homework?!

Some people have differences. Some people believe that homework will help you in life, which it could, I guess. I really don't know anybody who likes homework.

To summarize this random rant about homework, can we all agree on one thing: Homework can be hard at times, whereas for me, EVERYTHING is hard. (Just kidding; it's just the Math...)

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