30 ways to be a hippie, man.

1. Mispell stuf, mane.

Lik this oar this, man.

2. Say the word "man" at the end of every sentence

Just say it, man. Here's and example ,man.

3. Enjoy nature, man.

Here's and example, man. Trees are beautifal, man.

4. ONLY wear tie-die shirts

They express your inner color, man.

5. Dreadlocks, man.

A beautifal hairstyle, man.

(P.S. Knuckles The Echidna has 'em but is not a hippie, man)

(P.P.S. How do you know? He's an awesome hippy man.)

6. Have beads, man.

Put them on your dreadlocks, man. And in your room, man. Hang them on a string and use them as doors, man.

7. Play the bongoes, man.

They go all bang bong, man.

8. Like terriors, man.

They're beautifal, man. Expecially the black ones, man.

9. Say beautifal alot, man.

Beautifal is a beautifal word, man.

10. Live in a shack, man.

An old abadon one, man.

11. Say "It's a conspiracy, man!" alot.

Because it is, man.

12. Be vegetarian, man.

Don't kill the animals for your own food, man! It's a conspiracy, man, how the animals are gentle and men kill them for food, when they can enjoy delicate carrots and vegetables and fruit, man! It's so evil, man. How they get away with it, man. Lots of delicate creatures are dead, man, thanks to us evil humans, man.

13. Rant alot, man.

Look above, man.

14. Peace signs, man.

A delicate way to express your love for piece.

15. Peace, man.

Find your inner peace, and it will become outer, man.

16. Confuse people with weird sayings, man.

Look above, man.

17. Like the color yellow, man.

It's beautifal, man.

18. Sunglasses, man.

The sun it great, but too bright, man.

19. Listen to bongoes music, man.

Bongoes make you feel relaxed and peaceful.

20. Draw stuff, man.

Draw pictures of nature, man.

21. Never ever get tired of saying "man" at the end of a sentence, man.

Seriously, man.

22. Say "seriously" alot, man.

Seriously, man.

23. Recycle, man.

Save momma earth, man.

24. Rally, man.

Rally for what you believe in, man! NATURE, MAN!

25. Man, man.

Just reminding you to say man, man. You might of forgotten.

26. Respect your leaders, man.

Respect, man.

27. Tell kids weird stuff, man.

Here's an example, man: Stay in school, man.

28. Hoard, man.

Keep memoirs, man. Respect them, man.

29. Call girl hippies flower childs, man.

Cause girl hippies are flowers, man.

30. Don't care about what people think you are, man.

You are who you are, don't let anyone judge you, man.

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