Being seen and not heard is an important skill that not many people can use. Sadly, our youth are not trained in this art now that they need it most. There are many different ways to be seen and not heard, so simply choose the method that you think best applies to you.

  1. Shut up.
  2. Become a ninja, but instead of wearing black or camoflauge, wear a bright orange jumpsuit.
  3. Silence is golden, thus, ducktape is silver.
  4. Go to the Abington School for Mimes. Mimes are masters of being seen and not heard.
  5. Drink a jar of elmer glue.
  6. Hang yourself in front of the philharmonic orchestra.
  7. Enter chryogenic stasis.
  8. Remove and then consume your own tongue. Best served with pepper and horseradish.
  9. Chop off the ears of everyone you meet.
  10. Wear a bowtie.
  11. Kill sound, because I like to go one step beyond

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