Gasoline Yay!


Papa is very sad right now. He needs a soda. Gimmie a soda. GIMMIE A SODA! I NEEEEED THE SOODDAAA!!! I NEED IT! AH, HA HA HA HA HA!!!!! The Sodas! The soooooddddaaaasss.... I can see them. I can feel them toouching me! Oh, ah, ha, ha! The Sodas! The SOOOOODDDDAAAAASSSSSS!!!! I feel them they want me my precious my precious!

precious:wait precious there are more!

me:what shall we do precious

Precious: we takes thems and we keepsis thems, then papa will be pleased

Me: yeeees. No I am not schizophrenic thank you and neither is pre..ciou... yeah I am.

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