This is an episode of Snoopy Adventures, thus only Alternate Phineas may edit it.

Snoopy woke up to a new day. He wanted to go out side and have fun, but it was harshly raining. He went back inside and turned on the TV, an ad was on. The rain was getting worse by the second. Snoopy was worried. The weather reporter said everything wasn't gonna get bad enough to get out of hand, but it did. Snoopy was worried. His satealite lost signal, no TV. He tried playing with his handheld game system, but it needed to be charged. He knew it was dangerous to use electric outlets during a storm, considering last time he plugged in his TV and watched it during a storm he it exploded and he got electrucuted. So Snoopy decided to pass time another way. He started to get scared though. It was even worse than before, the lightning got worse, it was starting to flood outside, and Woodstock was in trouble! Snoopy had to rescue Woodstock! This was gonna be dangerous, so Snoopy tried to gather in all his courage, and bursted out the door, and breaked at at Woodstock's birdhouse, He peeked in and saw Woodstock sleeping through everything. He grabbed him and charged back to his house, and slammed the door shut. A loud crack of thunder bursted trough the air, so Snoopy chickenly ran down stairs and hid under a bunch of blankets. Woodstock woke up, and got angry at Snoopy. Snoopy explained what was happening, but Woodstock didn't care or beleif, and walked right outside, trough all the chaos, and went back inside his/possibly her birdhouse. Snoopy couldn't convince him to come back, so he hoped nothing would happen to him.

The next day Snoopy went out to check on Woodstock, he was gone! Snoopy looked all over in the broken remains of the treehouse, he found Woodstock, he was knocked out. Snoopy sorrowly digged him a grave, when suddenly Woodstock woke up. He smacked him across the face, he thought Snoopy was burrying him alive.

The End

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