Klasky Csupo: The Movie is the first of a movie series created by movie director Rick Rickerson.


The movie revolves around a setting known as Randomicity. Residents are seen doing their basic routine, and the kids are watching their televisions. A lonely child, known as Rick (Rick Rickerson) switches to an unknown channel: Channel 472. The channel was filled with some kid shows, like Rugrats or Spongebob. Rick enjoyed the show, until he decided to witch the channel. He went to channel 4 but was still watching channel 472. Same thing happened when he went to channel 69. He was scared when an odd figure popped up on the screen! It said it was called "Klasky Csupo" and that Rick had just freed him. Klasky jumped out of the television and ran past Rick.

Klasky Csupo runs around town, destroying cars and homes. Homeowners are throwing at him and even shooting him. Rick doesn't know what to do, until he sees his remote controller. He picks it up and runs to engage in a battle with Klasky.


People think Klasky Csupo: The Movie is the best movie of not just 2012, but of all time. "It's so emotional and connects with your childhood." says a paid actor. Gamer Reviews gives it a 10/10, saying "I don't care if it's not a game, ALRIGHT?!"

No negative review has been given yet.


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