-Hail to thee,Gods,and Goddesses,hail! <-----------------------Loki in LOKASENNA (LOKAGLEPSA)

Loki as itself

Loki is um... ME. He is handsome,but sly and has a very nasty,annoying temper. Everybody hates him. He is the ancient Norse god of lies,trickery and evil. So,you can say he's like a norwegian-swedish-icelandic-danish villain. I CAN SPEAK SWEDISH THOUGH I'M RUSSIAN, GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi,this is actually how I look in my godlike form

Why itself

B'cause,mate. Loki is a HE,originally,but um... as far as he is a god,he can change that. Rarely,but can. DON'T THINK ANYTHING BAD OF ME,I'M NOT A ....!!!! O.O


Loki is often punished by Odin,his stepfather. This time,Loki has been sent to middle school on Earth. And he's got to do the wretched English project about THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES.

Now the project itself

Now wait...(pulls out the school bag) (eats the maths textbook)


Loki,as a villain,uses NOOOOOOOOOOOO! as a catch phrase. Don't mind this,maybe,his only little weakness.


The henchmen pull Loki,who screams and yells, into the room. He is afraid to speak in front of The Audience.

(Loki moves his hands chaotically and says):


Audience: APPLAUSE.

Kristina's part

I'm doing this with the help of Kristina.

We chose this book for our presentation because it has an exciting plot and is very popular all over the world.

Cool,huh? One sentence!

Then she says the part about the author,which I don't remember.

Loki's part

The main characters of the story are Sherlock Holmes,Dr. Watson,Stapleton the "naturalist" and Sir Henry Baskerville. Minor characters,such as Dr.Mortimer,Barrymore,his wife and Selden also appear during the story.

We didn't read the whole book,but the adapted variant,so here's the re-adaptation: Sir Charles Baskerville suddenly dies,and his death is very strange-people say this is the Hound that has troubled the family ever since Evil Hugo,the ancestor of the Baskervilles,pursued an innocent girl,who killed him. The castle is located on the moor,so only a few people live there. This seems really mysterious,though any quest is easy for Sherlock Holmes,who solves it. Stapleton proves to be the relative of the Baskervilles,who tries to inherit the castle with the help of a huge mastiff,a false name and his wife. If Stapleton's wife hadn't betrayed him,Sherlock Holmes would have never solved this troublesome mystery.

All of the events happen in the XIX century,during the period of Queen Victoria's reign.

OhMyBadness,I remember this!!!!!

Audience's reaction


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