Longneck Noneck
Longneck Noneck
is a green haired freak! He is Ferb from the 5658679367856397889347934745837th Dimension.

He has a very large head, which is mostly his mouth, but has no neck, so he is tall, but has no neck, which is unusual. But when his mouth is closed, it's microscopic so it's unknown how he opens his mouth that wide. Wideness is a funny word. Garlic is also a funny word. Longneck Noneck is also a funny word. Funny words are good in the 5658679367856397889347934745837th Dimension, which may or may not be in Tennessee. Note that his mouth once swallowed the Empire Statriangle Whole, and ten he wanted pizza so he stole Weegee's pizza maching. He has a pet Doofenshmirtz.

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