AmeriQuest Field, home of the Texas Rangers

The former home of the Texas Rangers.

Review Archive from Fried Chicken News by AgentP

MLB Power Pros 2008 (Wii)

This game is a EPIC baseball game. It has great graphics. The players don’t have legs; instead their feet are not attached to their body, making them look like weird aliens. New to this year’s edition is the “Bullpen” feature in Exhibition games. Also new is MLB Life mode, where you can use a player from Success Mode or create your own player or play as an existing player- like Albert Pujols!





What did I learn from this game [and its previous edition, MLB Power Pros]?

1. When you work out, muscle tears and comes back stronger (Told by Peter during Success Mode after Hyper-Recovery Bonus...MLB Power Pros)

2. Kimchi Burgers are awesome... (Given to you by Marvin in Success Mode, Choose "Challenge" Fate Card if you have one...MLB Power Pros)

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