My draft results
Round Player Position Reason
1 Larry Fitzgerald WR I wanted a #1 receiver.
2 Andre Gurode C I picked someone I liked.
3 Leonard Davis RG Uh...Think about 350 pounds falling on you...Yeah. That's it.
4 Michael Oher LT I wanted a good Left tackle (though he isn't protecting my QB's blind side)
5 Karlos Dansby MLB Uh...Did you expect a perfect draft? I didn't think so.
6 Raheem Brock RE One of my picks that could have been delayed big-time.
7 Ndamukong Suh DT Awesome big dude to clog the middle.
8 Derrick Dockery LG Fill the hole between Gurode and Oher.
9 Russell Okung LT Uh...He's not a starter. XD
10 Chad Greenway ROLB If I can't get D-Ware, at least I get a low-cost alternative.
11 Knowshon Moreno HB Can't wait to see this guy take his first cut.
12 Mike Wallace WR I needed a deep threat to go with Mr. Larry over here.
13 Tim Tebow QB My starting quarterback comes in the 13th round, and he's a lefty, and he can run.
14 Sergio Kindle LOLB I'm running a 4-3. I NEED a good linebacker. Oh, how about this guy?
15 Antrel Rolle FS Big-time safety. I call that...a steal.
16 Martellus Bennett TE Can't get Witten, so I at least get his backup, right?
17 John Conner FB Waiting for something good to I pick a low-ranked FB I could get in the 35th round, probably.
18 Remi Ayodele DT 4-3. Not 3-4. I need two good D-tackles.
19 Julius Jones HB My third-down back has been found!
20 Alex Barron LT Uh...don't worry. "Holding" penalties are OFF. So I can start him at RT.
21 David Buehler K Who cares if there were 10 bigger names out there? I got a kicker and kickoff specialist all in one!
22 Tashard Choice HB I'm running the Cowboys offense. Let's do the math. (Razorback)Choice=Yards and TDs
23 Vernon Gholston LE Uh...he's a decent 4th-string Outside linebacker.
24 Jerry Hughes RE (evil laugh) Backup end and OLB, anyone?
25 Orlando Scandrick CB I got my #1 corner, right here.
26 T.J. Lang LG I was going to get a backup OL anyway. I had so many holes to fill, that I...
27 Tony Ugoh LT ...picked two O-linemen back-to-back!
28 Brad Smith WR Slot Receiver. On My Fantasy Team. Or, SROMFT.
29 Carlos Dunlap LE I needed another defensive end.
30 Kevin Ogletree WR One of my favorite receivers...
31 Victor Butler LOLB ...and a good linebacker, too!
32 Justin Tryon CB I needed another corner somewhere in here. But this guy? He's a STer, too. (ST=Special Teams)
33 Evan Mathis LG Yet again, the O-line gap is filled.
34 Scott McKillop MLB This guy's a good special teamer.
35 Michael Hamlin FS He's my starting strong safety. Or, my Triple S.
36 J.D. Walton C The rookie center out of Baylor should get limited playing time this year. Like, the 15th and 16th games.
37 James Ihedigbo SS Ih-huh-dig-bo. Isn't that a cool name?
38 Dan Klecko DT I turn to a fullback/defensive tackle to get the job done whenever Suh or Remi get hurt. Or I just use a 3-4 then.
39 Steve Octavien ROLB Depth
40 Sam Paulescu P Sadly, this is my excuse for a starting punter. Happily, I don't punt very often.
41 Clinton Hart SS Depth
42 Ernest Wilford TE A 2-in-1 package- get a sub tight end AND sub receiver!
43 Chase Daniel QB Depth
44 DeAngelo Smith CB He will be challenged by (45th round draft pick) for the third corner spot.
45 Jamar Wall CB He will challenge Smith for the third corner spot.
46 Kyle Eckel FB I don't know. I just picked someone to be a sub here.
47 Stefan Logan WR I got my fifth receiver and potential kick returner here!
48 Davon Drew TE Depth
49 Jason Williams MLB Depth

My Key Players: Quarterback- Tim Tebow, Running Back- Knowshon Moreno, Wide Receiver- Larry Fitzgerald, Defensive Tackle- Ndamukong Suh, Middle Linebacker- Karlos Dansby, Cornerback- Orlando Scandrick, Kicker- David Buehler

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