Meap! -Meap (voiced by Lorenzo Lamas)

Candace: AAAH! An alien monster! Get to the ship!

Meap: Um, actually, that's my Mother-In-Law, so, uh, yeah, she's correct. Let's get out of here!

-Candace Flynn and Meap in "The Chronicles of Meap" (Phineas and Ferb episode)

Meap is in the TV show "Phineas and Ferb" and was in the episode "The Chronicles of Meap". Meap is a adorable alien but arch nemesis to Mitch. Meap wears a moustache for a while. Before he gets the moustache translator, all he says is "Meap." in an adorable voice. Meap was our logo for a while. He will be in the upcoming episode of Phineas and Ferb titled, Meapless in Seattle. like meap! Meap is some-what the main character of The Epic Story of Meap and most of it's versions and spin offs, Meap is currently inside the Paradox, and is dating The Paradox to... yeah, don't worry. He was tricked into it. Meap can also pull a seemingly endless amount of photos from behind his back and can fire deadly rainbow lasers.Meap is the offical mascot of Randomness Wiki along with the talking zebra, both p and f chararcters. Meap also waz seen in a rainbow eating a mango and apple raspberry pie! Meap is also known to eat pie...SO THERE! HE LIKEZ PIE!AND MONEY!!


Also, he has a cameo here:
A Brand New Best Friend - Music Video - Phineas and Ferb Across the 2nd Dimension - Disney Channel02:13

A Brand New Best Friend - Music Video - Phineas and Ferb Across the 2nd Dimension - Disney Channel


Based on the fact that both doofensmirtz reconized meap we can asume that he is in both dimentions which makes him two times his meapfulnes and his awesomeness, two.

Do llamas weird you out?

Yeah! Are they camels or sheep?

No, no, I meant Lorenzo.

Oh, that's right...

He played Meap!!!

Blue ghost played for meap until he got fire

YAAEH!!! 100 editts yeah!!!QQQQQQQQQQQ MEEP MEEP!!!





That is my song.




Meap as a Pony



he appears in Angry BirdsMeap

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