Phineas and Ferb doof foot

"I think I'm in the Jungle and I'm covered in hair!"

One day, Meap was taking a walk through the forest. He noticed the forest was getting thicker and thicker and the plants became more tropical. He kept walking until he came apon an open area in the jungle. Meap was amazed at all the creatures; apes, sloths, snakes, frogs, and more. But one creature caught his eye. It was Hairy Doofenshmirtz, but he didn't know he was a person. Doofenshmirtz was singing and dancing with a cane and hat.

"I think I'm in a jungle and I'm covered in hair!" He sang. All the apes were dancing too. Meap was surprised. He had never seen dancing and singing animals before. He walked up to Doofenshmirtz, and said one thing.


"Hey, what are you?" Doofenshmirtz asked Meap. "Look at you, you must be some sort of endangered species!" he said. "Want some root beer?".

"Meap!" Meap said as he took the jug made out of bamboo stalks. He took a sip of the root beer, and it tasted fantastic. "Don't worry, it's organic. And homemade!" said Hairy Doofenshmirtz.

"Meap!" Meap said.

"Meap, huh- is that your name?" Doof said. "Hmm. Well, Meaper, can you climb up that tree at bring down that banana bunch for me?" he asked.

"Meap!" Meap said as he began to climb the tree.

To be continued

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