Meap on top of the Needle

Meapless In Seattle!
is the fourtieth episode of The Chronicles Of Meap. It was mentioned in the credits of the thiry-eigth episode, More Than Meaps The Eye!. It is unknown what episode aired in between these episodes.


  • Phineas
  • Ferb
  • Meap (Meep)
  • Mitch (Big Mitch)
  • Balloony (Collin)
  • Doofenschmirtz
  • Monoggram
  • Stacy
  • Carl Karl
  • Child (Kid)
  • Clown (The Adult Clown)
  • Clownchild (The Young Clown, maybe the Adult Clown's child)
  • Alien Creatures that Mitch (Big Mitch) poached (Big-Feet Monster, bird-like thing with three eyes, playground monster, etc.)

(All characters based


It's up to Balloony when Meap is captured by Big Mitch Chandler. But Balloony just sits. It might be up to someone else. (Summary made up)

More Possible Summary

While Phineas, Ferb and Meap are in the backyard, Mitch's rocket crashes in it, with Mitch threatening to destroy the universe. Phineas and Ferb then team up with Meap to stop Mitch. Candace joins in, and nearly falls from Meap's ship, Ferb grabbing her hand to save her. After crashing into Meap's ship, Mitch heads for Seattle. In Agent P's lair, Carl controls Monogram's arms and fires Perry, who takes his chair and throws it at the screen in rebellion. Doofenshmirtz then finds Balloony again, this time in a red and white suit, holding two pikes with fire on both ends surprising both Doofenshmirtz and Mitch. Candace finds out Jeremy will be there with her, with Stacy standing behind in confusion. Meap then finds himself at the top of the Space Needle in Seattle. (Summary all based on the real mentioning after the episode More Than Meaps The Eye!.)



thumb|300px|right|The Chronicles Of Meap - Meapless In Seattle! Trailer

Meap (edit)

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The Adventures of Meap: Robotnik Racers | The Adventures of Meap: Party Pak


The Chronicles Of Meap | Meapless in Seattle! | Meap Me in St. Louie

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