Ah, the classic whistle.

Mikcey Mouse is awesome! He use to be famous, until Disney went teen spoiled celebrity girls on us just to get money!

Mickey debuted in 1928.

Well, He is cool.

Q&A about Mickey Mouse!

Was Mickey in a kids block?!

They put Mickey in a kid programming block, which sucks. Mickey is famous for his butt jokes.

Did alot of kids hate Mickey?

Lots of kids hate it and now some people hate Mickey. See what you did Disney?

Was Epic Mickey at least, good?

At least Epic Mickey was good. I hope Mickey comes back sometime. I heard a Mickey Mouse feature film was in development.... I hope it is. Last I heard, it's still being considered. Duh Duh duh!

Is it scary than a big mouse driving a boat shaking his butt?

Beleive me there is nothing scary than a big mouse driving a boat shaking his butt.

Did he appear on a movie

He also appered on screen w/ Bugs Bunny in Who Framed Roger Rabbit. VERY EPIC MON! And... I think... That looked excellent...

Did the shorts get revived?

In 2013 Mickey shorts are revived with more better animation and better graphics and alot more experience for watching.

Is he a Pokemon?

Mickey Mouse is also a pokemon.

heres his evolution chart. He evolves at level 3.

Level 0    Level 1     Level 2     Level 3


Can you show me a gallery of Mickey?


Mickey's debut?

1928... :D