Oct 19 2010, Today I got into an international war with someone from Brazil and Chili. The person from Chili was cool but the guy from Brazil was slamming America and telling me.. about how racist people in America are (wich made NO sence because it was on the Glee wiki) and he told me to go and die in a nonsence war like a "good American"... I fixed things with the dude from Chili and we are friends (ish) now. But seriously, I dont know how much more of that wiki I can take. There is like NO active admins and it is out of controll.. I have also been chosen to be a (of the two) leader in "The Rebellion". I am not quite sure what we are doing other than someone slammed one of my friends for having a crush on Artie and was going on about how having crushes on fictional characters was stupid. So I guess we are going to vandalize his (and all of the other vandals) userpages, talk page, ect.. but thats all I know. I also need to "recrute" people for it. So if you wanna help out you can (it sounds like fun and because there are no Admins we wont get in trouble ;) just let me know. Well thats all for now. TD out!

Oct 20, 2010

We now have seven people, Not sure whats going to happen next..

Oct 23 2010

I have recruted two people now. The first one will not be as active as the second though. Vandalism has dropped dramatically and all we have done is threatened to do something "big" and recruit people. This might just work after all!

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