On the sacred holiday, Fried Chicken day, Meap was celebrating at the dance floor. He fell off his dance pad, which was on something that was similar to a wrestling ring. He fell on some fat person, wo was eating a 1 ton KFC bucket, and Meap fell in. He was swallowed with the little pieces of Fried Chicken. They didn't taste so good though. Meap landed in his belly, he looked around, he saw someone. "Hello!" it said. Meap swung forward and attacked it, he rippexd him to shreds. Monsters suddeny came out, and he fought them. The door in the room oppened, and the monsters dropped a key. Meap used the key in the other room to open a treasure chest. It had an item! He used it to get out. He came out of the fat guy's mouth and started celebrating Fried Chicken day for real.

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